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We offer all types of garage door services, whether it’s garage door repair, garage door maintenance, garage door installation, or garage door replacement. Besides garage door, we also service related to its accessories such as springs, rollers, track, and opener.

Therefore, whenever there is any garage door-related issue, you can approach us without second thoughts. We will send the best technicians to solve the issues who have experience in working on similar problems. It will make sure that your issues get solved within no time.

Besides that, as they will have a similar experience, you won’t have any service quality issues. That’s because they will solve the problems with expertise. If you face any garage door problems or have specific garage door needs, contact to get the work done 704-826-7433.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

Gargae Door Installation Service

Garage door installation

We offer unique garage door installation by letting you decide your garage door appearance. For garage door installation, our designers make tailored solutions for customers. They will accommodate each element into the design and make sure it appears exactly what you thought of. Besides the appearance, we also focus on the material section. We have our list of factors according to which we choose the best material for you. Please be assured that the entire process from designing to installation will be done rapidly and under the guidance of senior technicians.

garage door opener repair services

Garage door opener repair

Garage door openers are one of the most important parts of the garage door assembly. You can’t compromise with repairing garage door openers because if the repairs are not done properly, there can be severe damages to the garage doors. We make sure to check the garage door opener thoroughly and provide garage door repair service that takes away your garage door issues for a long time.

garage door opener installation service

Garage door opener installation

If you have built a new garage door or your existing garage door opener is not functioning properly, that means you require our garage door opener installation service. The garage door opener installation services also include consultation regarding the purchase of the best-suited garage door opener.  We assemble each of its parts and make sure that the assembly works in synchronization. We also recheck the work after the garage door opener installation is complete.

garage door spring replacement services

Garage door springs replacement

Springs are used for pushing and pulling the garage doors. When the springs get old, they become noisy. Not only this. They also develop rusting with time. For a short period, the rusting can be removed, and the springs can be lubricated. However, in the long run,  this practice doesn’t work. You will need to hire us to get your springs changed. If you don’t change the springs, there are chances that they will break while operating the garage door. It can severely damage garage doors which can cost you more. Therefore, timely replacement is necessary.

garage door panel replacement services

Garage door panels replacement

It happens that garage door panels sometimes break due to any external force. With time, it can also become weary and experience cracks when the weather is too harsh. At that time, many garage door companies recommend the replacement of the entire garage door. However, it is not necessary in every case. Our garage door technicians will check your garage door and then only judge if the entire replacement is necessary. If replacing one panel seems like a suitable option, we do that and save the costs for customers.

garage door cable replacement services

Garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cables differ as per the number of strands in the cable. We also prefer the cable that has a higher number of strands as they are more reliable. Also, it depends upon the weight of your garage door for which cable you need to select. When it comes to cable repair, the chances are low. That’s because repairing a cable can’t be a long-term solution. Besides that, there would be chances that you will need repair service again. That’s why we always choose replacement over repair.

garage door roller replacement services

Garage door rollers replacement

Garage door rollers are an essential component of the garage door assembly for garage door movement. There are a variety of rollers that differ due to the material type. Some of them work for the long-term, whereas you need to chance others annually. We choose the best ones for you, matching your requirements & budget, and replace them with the old ones. After the replacement is complete, we check the garage door movement to make sure the work is done as expected.

garage door track replacement services

Garage door track replacement

Finding the issues with garage door tracks could be difficult sometimes. We need to dismantle the entire assembly to find out what’s wrong. We try to save your costs by repairing the garage door tracks. However, if that is not possible, we offer an affordable garage door track replacement service that ensures the long-term working of your garage door tracks. To get garage door track replacement service or any other requirement, contact us here- 704-826-7433.

Know About Mooresville Garage Doors

Mooresville, NC, is one of the places where most of the homeowners have garages. However, they were unable to get premium quality garage door services. In 2010, when our Mooresville Garage Doors started, we pledged to deliver quality to our customers without charging high prices. We still follow the same rule as it helps us to deliver customer satisfaction.

With high quality and affordable pricing, we earned the title of most trustworthy garage door services provider in Mooresville, NC. We never say NO to a customer irrespective of the garage door issue and location. We serve all areas of the city. Even if you are located outside the city, we will strive to provide you with the service on time. We are Mooresville Garage Doors, the company that works for customers and is run by expert technicians.

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What make us different from other Garage Door Contractor Mooresville

Unlike other garage door services providers, we do not ask for the travel charges or place any hidden costs while providing the quotation.
We are the garage door services providers who offer services at the lowest price without quality compromise.
We are the garage door services providers who offer services at the lowest price without quality compromise.
Our company doesn’t want you to fill long forms and visit the office to get the service. You only need to make a call to 704-826-7433 to get our technicians at your place.
We only hire experienced and licensed technicians who have exceptional service quality unparalleled by any other company’s technician.


KAty C.
1I am blessed to have Mooresville Garage Doors company in my contact. They come to my place right away whenever there is an issue. I have even called them during the night when there was a garage door emergency. My garage door got stuck in the middle, and I could open it completely or close it. I tried reaching out to other nearby garage door contractors, but they asked me to wait till tomorrow. On the other hand, though Mooresville Garage Doors technicians are some miles away, they still visited me and solved the issue. They are highly reliable and will prefer their service above any other company.
Judi N.
I tried to install the garage door opener myself, and it made things worse. The opener did not work how I expected. It was unable to bear the load and broke the garage door. I thought it is going to cost me a lot. To my surprise, it didn’t. The Mooresville Garage Doors provided me assurance that they can do the garage door repair. They changed one panel and reassembled the garage door opener. I think if there were any other companies, they would have changed me three times the amount. I will always take their service as I believe them.
Mandy A.
We are located on the outskirts of Mooresville, where there are no garage door companies nearby. When I ask companies to provide me service, they deny, or some companies ask for high charges. Mooresville Garage Doors company was the only hope. They not only visited me but did not even charge an additional amount for distance. I am thankful for their service and recommend them.

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If you are a resident of Mooresville who wishes to get garage door services, we are the best choice in the town. It’s something, not us but our existing customers say. Why don’t you strengthen this belief by contacting us and knowing more about our services? Give us a call right away, and you won’t need to find another garage door company for services- 704-826-7433.

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