Posted on May 4, 2021 By Mooresville Garage Doors 
garage with shelves

In the modern world, many people have garages that are overflowing with junk. This can be a problem; especially for those who prefer to keep their cars inside instead of on the street and in front of someone else's home. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: garage shelving systems! These nifty contraptions allow homeowners to store all manner of things out-of-sight from prying eyes (provided they're not looking up). What's more? A good system often comes complete with hooks and shelves perfect for hanging bikes or surfboards -- anything you don't want lying flat against walls where it might get damaged by rainwater seeping through cracks above your head onto bare cement floors below.

Garage storage is a must-have for every home. Where does all the junk go? It's not fair that some people have so much extra space while others struggle to find an empty corner of their garage! Well, with your new modular shelving system installed anywhere in your garage you'll never be short on the room again and can finally get organized without worrying about running out soon or having too much stuff crowding up.

This article will help organize your messy cluttered mess of a life into something manageable and beautiful.

What Item Can Be Store on Garage Shelves?

You'll never find a more guaranteed way to save space in your garage than with the help of shelving! You can also maximize wall space, which is so useful all year round. With baskets and bins that are specifically designed for storage, you're sure to get anything off your floor and onto something much more manageable.

Your garage is a treasure trove of forgotten items. Did you know that it's also the perfect space to store those car supplies, like wiper fluid? What about flower pots and outdoor toys? There are so many other things you can do with your unused storage room at home. For example, if I had more space in my apartment then this would be an excellent place for cleaning products or small plastic bins!

Say goodbye to hunting for items while they remain at the bottom of your closet or garage! When you store them on shelves, it will be like having a personal storage unit. Not only that, but if there are any household objects not being used often enough and cluttering up space on the floor or shelves then you should consider storing those away too.

Move Items from Closet To Your Garage

Your closet could be home to a lot of hidden treasure. It is so easy for that box in the back, or those shoes you threw last summer to just blend into your space and never get seen again. And what about all those clothes from high school? You might not wear them anymore but they still have some sentimental value! Moving these items out can help make room inside your already cluttered closet while also giving yourself more breathing room on shelves you may love very dearly too.

Your closet is bursting with clothes, shoes, and accessories. But did you know that there are ways to organize your belongings so the things you use most often come in handy?

For example, if you're using a suitcase for one or two trips per year like many people do then it doesn't make sense to clog up your already cramped space by storing such bulky items in here! Instead of wasting all this extra money on clothing when we could be saving space elsewhere (in our closets!), consider stowing away these heavy suitcases somewhere else--such as an empty garage shelf during off-season months where they can easily slide out at any time without fumbling around bending down trying not to get them caught underfoot.

What if you were to set up a workout station in your garage? This would free up space from the floor of your closet and allow for more storage. You can optimize any spare spaces, such as shelves or hanging racks with sports equipment that may not get used often enough for it to be worth taking place inside the home where they could get dusty.

A garage can be a huge mess. It's easy to lose track of things when you're trying to find them, so don't let your belongings go unorganized! Make sure the space is clean and put away with accessories like hooks or bars for storage in order not to miss out on any items that could help simplify life at home.

Use Shelving Accessories

Shelving accessories can be used to hold your belongings and keep things neat. Convenient hooks attached to a shelf provide space for bags, yard tools, workbench items - even larger objects such as bikes, golf clubs, or snowboards!

A wire basket is a great way to store items that don't have their own spot. Items such as golf balls, tennis balls, and water bottles can be collected in one place with ease of access for all the members of your household or team!

There is a reason why the garage seems to be one of the most popular dumping grounds for your house. Now you can have more time and space in both areas with many shelving options available from stores such as IKEA or Target.


Garage storage is never a one-size-fits-all solution, but the tips below should help you get started on what your needs are. If you’re not sure where to start or need some more information about our garage door repair services, give us a call today! We can answer any questions and will be glad to provide an estimate for how much it would cost so that we can take care of everything from beginning to end.