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Garage door spring replacement requires urgent attention. When you find the problem in your garage door springs, you can’t wait for days to solve it. It is necessary that you ensure fast garage door spring replacement. The weight of your entire garage door is transferred to springs. Therefore, if you wait, there are chances that lead to breaking of garage doors.

Many garage door companies in Mooresville make false promises regarding their availability and reliability. They promise to visit your place and address the issues at the scheduled time. However, you must be sure that they are not doing it only to win the project. You might need to struggle to get the garage door opener service. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional who can provide you immediate service.

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Our technician team in Mooresville is always ready to serve the customers. Most of the time, we have teams available in backup to address urgent issues such as garage door spring replacement. However, even if all teams are unavailable, we will still provide you with the same-day slot and book an appointment at your convenience. Our service will ensure that you get the best quality customer experience.

Customer experience alone can’t make the service exceptional. That’s why our technicians must provide quality service with best-in-class garage door springs. To know more about our garage door spring replacement service, you can reach us at the provided number- 704-826-7433. If you have queries or questions, our executives will surely solve them and send the technicians to your place right away.

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Types of spring with which we deal on a daily basis

As a prominent garage door services company in Mooresville, it is necessary for us to keep ourselves updated with all spring types. Since 2010, our company is dealing with spring types that are widely used in the garage door industry. We would ensure replacing the most suitable springs as per your garage door type. To know more about our experience with spring types, you can call us at 704-826-7433.

Torsion garage door springs

The torsion garage door springs are among the best ones as they do not develop rusting for a long-time. When you choose these springs, they come with oil-tempered wire. It makes them resistant to corrosion. When there is a high moisture content in the environment, these springs would be reliable. We install these after checking our garage door assembly.

Extension garage door springs

For large garage doors, which residents use for commercial buildings, extension garage door springs are most suitable. They can bear more weight than what could torsion garage door springs could bear. These garage door springs also come with oil-tempered wire. Therefore, you won’t face any issue with the rusting. There are three types of extension garage door springs available in the market which are single looped, open looped, and chipped ends. The selection of extension garage door springs depends on the garage door's size, weight, and usability.

Roll-up garage door springs

Garage doors are the culprit that produces a lot of noise. However, you can reduce it significantly by choosing the right type of springs. Choosing a roll-up garage door spring will help you to produce the least possible noise. Besides that, you will get perfect motion and no hindrance while lifting or lowering the garage doors. These springs could be a bit expensive. However, if you approach us, we can help you with the best deal.

Is it possible to repair the existing garage door springs?

It is merely impossible to repair the existing garage door springs. Most of the time, it is a long service period because people need to change the springs. At that time, we can’t repair springs as they have already played their role in the functioning of the garage door.

However, in some cases, when there is spring misalignment, repairs could work. Besides that, if the springs develop rusting, we can remove them. We would advise not to extend using garage door springs after they cross their service period. They might break anytime, which can harm the garage door. For knowing the exact condition of springs, our executives require sending technicians to your place.

You can call us on 704-826-7433 to initiate the communication. The technicians will visit and inspect the springs to provide you a detailed scenario.

garage door spring repalcement Mooresville NC

Know everything our garage door spring replacement service

While doing the inspection, if our technicians find that springs are unrepairable, they move to garage door springs replacement. For garage spring replacement, we first need to choose the springs perfect for your garage door. Then, when the springs selection is complete, we dismantle the assembly and remove the current springs.

After that, we put the brand new springs in the place of the existing springs and reassemble the garage door assembly. After installing the springs, we make sure that garage door spring replacement is done perfectly.

We will move the garage door by lifting and lowering it multiple times and check the movement. If the garage springs replacement is perfect, the movement will be smooth. We also check the energy consumption and noise. Both must be limited as per the details provided by the springs manufacturing company.

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