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Give a smooth movement to your garage door by garage door rollers replacement

Garage door rollers play an important role in the movement of garage doors. When garage doors work perfectly, the garage door movement is smooth. It ascends and descends without interruption. Besides that, when rollers work perfectly, there is lesser consumption of electricity.

However, with time, it is obvious that garage door rollers will lose shape and require replacement. The time when it happens depends upon the type of garage door rollers you select. When you go for garage door rollers with high-quality material, you won’t need a replacement for the long term. However, when you use low-grade ones, you might need to do the annual replacement.

At Mooresville Garage Doors, we will provide you with the best replacement options for your garage door rollers. Also, our technicians will work to find out the current cause of roller replacement need. Most of the time, it’s the completion of the service span. However, there could be other reasons, such as wrong alignment, improper assembly, unknown hindrance, etc. We find it necessary to identify the cause to make sure that the same issues don’t occur next time.

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When to do garage door rollers replacement?

There are few well-defined signs for finding out the perfect time for changing garage door rollers:

  • When your garage door rollers become noisy, that means there is significantly large friction between rollers and garage doors. When that happens, it’s a sign that you need to change the rollers before they deteriorate any further.
  • When your garage door rollers become rough, garage doors will take more time to open and close. You will easily be able to find out the difference when it starts taking more time.
  • One full-proof way to know the perfect-time is to check the increment in energy consumption. When friction is more, it becomes tougher to pull the garage door. Hence, it requires more amount of energy.

If you are facing any of these issues, contact our garage door rollers experts right away. Call us now and schedule an appointment immediately- 704-826-7433.

garage door rollers replacement Mooresville NC

Type of rollers we use for garage door rollers replacement

There are numerous types of garage door rollers available in the market. Mostly, they vary in size, thickness, and material. When you need to lift heavy garage doors, you need large-sized garage door wheels. Also, the material must be top-grade. You can’t compromise with the garage door wheel replacement as the garage door movement relies on it.

Based on material, there are usually three different garage door roller types with which we generally deal. However, our experience is not confined to these types. If you prefer garage door rollers of any other material, let us know. We will perform our research to identify whether they are suitable for you or not.

solid plastic garage door roller

Solid plastic garage door rollers

Solid plastic garage door rollers are the cheapest of all. That’s because there is not much strength in the material. They become weary in a short duration, and you need to change it annually. We suggest that if you have long-term plans, don’t go with these garage doors. Besides cost, the only benefit you get is lesser noise.

Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Steel Garage Door Rollers

Though these garage door openers are noisy, they are still the first choice when people need to make a budget decision. You only need to change garage door rollers after five years. That means the service span is long enough to support convenience.

Premium Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers or Wheels

Premium nylon and steel garage door rollers

When there are no budget constraints, you must select the premium nylon and steel garage door rollers. These composite material rollers have a service span of a decade. Moreover, the motion is noiseless and smooth. In general, homeowners don’t encounter any issues for years. It’s a one-time large investment, and you forget the need to changing rollers for a decade.

If you want to install these rollers or need help with any other type, give us a call immediately- 704-826-7433.

Complete process of garage doors roller replacement service

Before delivering the service, it is necessary to select the garage door rollers. After a general discussion on call, we send our technicians who will inspect the current situation and suggest the best garage door rollers for replacement.
Before changing garage door rollers, the technicians need to identify the cause behind the issues discussed above. For that, technicians would need to dismantle the current assembly. It is necessary when you need to replace the garage door wheels.
After that, they remove the existing garage door rollers, place the new ones in their place, and reassemble the garage door parts. They also move the garage door to check whether they receive the expected motion or not.

Garage doors roller replacement service- frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to repair garage door rollers?

NO, it is not advisable to go for garage door rollers repair. Once the garage door rollers get damaged, there is no way to bring them back to the shape. Repair is only possible when the issue is misalignment between rollers and garage door.

Why is it necessary to immediately communicate with us?

Your entire garage door movement relies on garage door rollers. When these rollers stop functioning as expected, you should not use the garage door as it can lead to its sudden breakage. Therefore, you need to contact us immediately to use the garage doors again. You can call us on the provided number - 704-826-7433. We will try our best to provide instant service without you needing to wait.

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