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Garage doors are not highly complex. There are only a few parts that have synchronization with each other. With the seamless connection between these parts, the garage door ascends and descends. One such garage door part is the "cables".

The garage door cables’ functionality facilitates the movement of the garage door. Without garage door cables, there won’t be controlled motion. That’s why when your garage door cables have a fault, call the technicians immediately.

When you reach our technicians, they will make sure to solve the problem within no time. They will find out whether the cables are repairable or require garage door cable replacement. It is necessary for them to understand the situation.

A fault in garage door cables can lead to more damage. Your garage door can break down, and even the other parts might malfunction. That’s why do not wait anymore and call us on 704-826-7433.

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Is it possible to do garage door cable repair?

In most cases, garage door cable repair is not possible. That because once the cable snaps or breaks, it is no way to undo it. You can fix it by binding both ends. However, it won’t be a long-term solution and not a reliable one. The garage door cables can break or snap anytime. That means it won’t be the best option.

There are only a few cases where repairs can work. If you contact us in the early stage when damage is so minute that it won’t affect garage doors, then we can do the repairs. It would be beneficial as you would not need to buy new garage door cables and save on the cost. However, if the situation goes beyond that, it won’t be possible to conduct the repairs. That time, you will need to move to replacement. We will try our best to make it affordable for you.

If you want us to try repairing garage door cables or choose a replacement, contact us now on 704-826-7433, and we will check the best option for you.

garage door cable replacement Mooresville NC

Know the garage door cable types for which we provide services

There are not many garage door cable types. Most of the residents in Mooresville, NC use one out of two widely used garage door cables. If you use any other garage door cable type besides the two mentioned types, we can provide the replacement for those cables too. While doing the inspection, we note the specifications of those cables and get the new ones. However, if the existing garage door cables that you are using are not up to the mark, we will find any other replacement that aligns with your garage door specifications.

7 X 7 Garage Door Cables

Both the cable types differ by the number of wires present per strand. In this one, there are seven wires in each of the strands. The strength of the cable is not much. Therefore, it can only sustain a limited number of garage door motions. When you are looking for a short-term solution or don’t use your garage door regularly, it can be a solution. The advantage you get with these garage door cables is the inexpensive pricing.

7 X 19, 1/8” Garage Door Cables

These garage door cables have nineteen wires in all the strands. As the number of wires increases, it is obvious that the strength of garage door cables will also be higher. With the increment in the number of wires, the load distribution becomes more efficient. It gives it the power to sustain a higher number of garage door movements.

If your garage door is heavier than the regular garage doors, we can assist in getting the cables with a greater number of wires in every strand. This will help you to have a solution that lasts long. You can call us on 704-826-7433, and we will provide you the best possible guidance.

Our garage door cable replacement service and its benefits

When repair is not an option, and you choose the replacement, we first need to dismantle the assembly and remove the existing garage door cables. After removing the garage door cables and placing the new ones in their place, we reassemble the garage door assembly. That will fix your garage door cables, and you are good to go in using the garage door.

After the completion of garage door replacement comes the review step. The review step is important to make sure that the work is how our customer expects it. For that, we request the customers to move the garage doors themselves so that they can get satisfaction too. Meanwhile, we also inspect the garage door movement. If customers or we detect any issue, we will solve it right away without making customers wait.

Benefits of our garage door track replacement service

  • Low price with top-notch quality
  • Urgent service available for emergency issues
  • Technicians with experience of more than a decade
  • Easy communication with exclusive customer support department
  • All technicians own service license
  • Serve all areas of Mooresville, NC
  • We respect privacy and cause minimal disturbance

Garage Door Cable Replacement- Frequently Asked Questions

What are COVID-19 guidelines we follow during the garage door cables replacement service?

Our all technician teams in different cities of North Carolina are strictly instructed to wear masks and use sanitizers to ensure that COVID-19 doesn’t spread. They also need to present COVID-19 negative reports at the workplace periodically to show that they are not infected.

How to communicate with our Mooresville Garage Doors company?

We want your experience to be effortless. That’s why with just one call you can get our service. You won’t need to fill any forms or visit our office. You stay in the comfort of your home and have us for getting the job done. Here is our number- 704-826-7433.

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