About Us

Mooresville Garage Doors company is one of the first garage door companies in the town to provide affordable service with quality material and technical brilliance. We only had a few technicians when we started. Our team was only able to cover limited areas of Mooresville. Now, we have a large team of technicians with decades of experience in conducting garage door services. Even our range of covering the areas has increased. We cover not only the entire Mooresville but also the nearby areas & countryside.

The reason behind our success is the continuity and determination to serve clients in the best way. Whenever a customer reaches us with garage door issues, we understand it before jumping to the service. After understanding the service, we work to find a long-term solution. This saves customers’ repairing costs as the garage door issues won’t bother them again.

Besides that, our technicians are completely aware of all elements of garage doors. Therefore, by taking our garage door services, Mooresville residents guarantee that whatever issue they face, they have reliable technicians by their side.

We take care of not only the service quality but also the customer experience. That’s why we ensure providing the service at your convenience, strive to maintain privacy, and take your feedback to guarantee customer satisfaction. If you believe that we are the ones who can be your long-lasting garage door partners, we would be happy to serve you. To reach our company now or whenever you require, you can make a call on 704-826-7433.

Our Ethics

We are a company of strong ethics. These ethics guide us in decision-making and allow us to provide the best service to customers. Whatever happens, we never compromise with them. Our beliefs strengthen our choice and simply how we act in every situation.     

Serve customers irrespective of the issues

There are numerous customers in Mooresville who require garage door services. Many times, the issues are minute. We try to guide customers to do it DIY, which saves the cost. However, if they can’t, we send our garage door contractors to solve the issue, even if it is a minor one.

Cover all areas of Mooresville, NC

There are areas in Mooresville, NC, where there is no garage door services provider. These are remote areas, and customers often have problems reaching and finding garage door companies that can provide them with the service. In such a situation, customers can always remember us as we serve in all areas of Mooresville, NC. We do not even ask for an additional charge for the travel distance.

Charges affordable for everyone

Whatever we charge for our services is always within affordable limits allowing everyone to benefit from our services. Whether it is about the material or service fees, the profit remains minimal. This has allowed us to grow in the city like no other garage door company. Customers recommend our service as even though the charges are low, quality remains high-grade.

Check Out Our Services

Garage Door Installation

We consult and inspect the requirements thoroughly, followed by material selection, designing, manufacturing, and installation.

Garage Door Opener Installation

We do the new garage door opener replacement when the previous one becomes of no use. The installation service includes opener selection consultation.

Garage Door Opener Repair

There are several elements in a garage door opener, and we strive to do the repairs. We go through each one to ensure proper functioning.

Garage Door Track Replacement

We work to repair and replace all types of tracks within no time and provide you with the smooth functioning of the garage doors.

Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Whether it’s about garage door long-term or short-term functioning, there are specific garage door rollers available accordingly, and we do the installation for all of them.

Garage Door Cables Repair and Replacement

We ensure repairing the cables if possible. However, if repair work doesn’t lead to a long-term solution, we ensure doing the replacement within no time.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

When your spring surface has a layer of rusting and corrosion, it’s time to call us to forget your garage door springs replaced.

Garage Door Panels Replacement

We offer the same panels as the previous one so that it won’t even appear that panels even got damaged and were changed.

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